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At North Market Spices, we’re on a mission to bring joy to your table. We’re committed to providing you with only the highest quality spices and blends that make meals memorable and enjoyable for whomever you share them with..

ownerBen Walters

Favorite Spice: Paprika

Favorite Thing to Cook: BBQ

Guilty Pleasure Food: Southwest egg rolls from Chili’s

Favorite Thing About Working at North Market Spices:
Getting to talk about cooking with so many people and learning new recipes from my customers

When You’re Not at North Market Spices, What Would You be Doing?
Checking out local bands, hitting the bike trails, testing new recipes, attending the opera, ballet or theatre,  or checking out one of Columbus’ amazing restaurants

400+unique spices and herbs
11 yearsServices and spices

The quest forthe perfect rub

It all started with the quest to create the perfect bar-b-que rub. Ben Walters, our founder, toiling for years adjusting batch after batch finally achieved nirvana, birthing what is now known as the Columbus Rub. Ben’s family and friends raved about this new blend and soon desired some for themselves.

Soon after, over lunch at the North Market, Ben eyed a soon-to-be-vacated stall. Talk turned to action, and in August of 2010, Ben created a welcoming space filled with a wide variety of the highest quality spices, herbs, and unique blends that make cooking creative, fun, and delicious.

Today, North Market Spices has become a staple of the Central Ohio cooking community and provides over 400 unique spices and herbs to customers in Columbus and all across the country.