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The Basics

Sometimes you need to start fresh, this collection of 23 Herbs and Spices has all the basics to get started. Great for those first starting out, and those that need a refresh. Makes a wonderful housewarming gift.


Bay Leaves, Whole

Basil, Dried Leaves

Black Pepper

Cardamom, Ground

Clove, Ground

Chile Powder, Dark

Cilantro, Dried Leaves

Cinnamon, Indonesian, Ground

Coriander, Ground

Cumin, Ground

Curry, Sweet Yellow

Fennel, Ground

Garlic, Powder

Garlic Salt

Ginger, Ground

Mustard, Yellow, Ground

Onion, Powder

Oregano, Mexican

Paprika, Peruvian

Paprika, Smoked Spanish

Parsley, Dried Leaves

Red Chile Pepper, Flakes

Rosemary, Ground

Sonoma Sea Salt



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