That means it’s time for tailgating! There’s nothing better to do on a Saturday than tailgate before a Buckeye game. My family has been tailgating for years. At North Market Spices, LTD we have a lot of things that will help you spice up your next tailgate. Here’s a few of my favorites.

1. Wings – Try them with our KB’s Gunslinger or Smokey BBQ rub
2. Burgers – Try seasoning with Mr. Bill’s Seasoned Salt or one of the many of Nathan’s Original smoked salts
3. Ranch Dip – Make some homemade Ranch Dip using Dion’s Dill Seasoning. Perfect with veggies or chips
4. Homemade Chex Mix  – Try using our onion and garlic powders for enhanced flavor
5. Deviled Eggs – My mom makes the absolute BEST deviled eggs. Use the recipe below to impress at your next tailgate

Cindy’s (To-Die-For) Deviled Eggs
– Put eggs in pan of water.  Make sure water covers eggs.  Bring to a boil.  Turn off heat and let stand 1/2 hour.  Drain and rinse with cold water to stop cooking and to prevent ‘green’ around the yolk.  Refrigerate for easier removal of the shell.

– Remove shells, cut eggs in half either way.  Cup cut is cute.

– Remove yolk and put in separate bowl.  Mash with a fork or pastry cutter.

– Add mayonnaise, sugar to taste and dried yellow mustard.  Be careful with mayo and sugar mix.  Too much sugar will make it runny or thin.

– Spoon into white egg holes or use a pastry decorator for a fancier look.

– Dust with smoked paprika.

– Enjoy!