For years, many before I even owed North Market Spices, Ltd. I have been making BBQ rubs. There were two I perfected with an amazing ratio of spices using paprika as the base with brown sugar, granulated sugar, cumin, chili powders of various kinds, garlic, ground black pepper, kosher salt and garlic. Combinations of these became our Hot and Mild Southern BBQ Rubs.

However, being someone who love a great BBQ with meat cooked slowly using smoke and a small amount of heat – I wanted to take it to another level. The idea came from the Applewood Smoked Sea Salt. The goal was to let everyone experience extraordinarily smokey meat without necessarily smoking the meat. So, all of our smoked ingredients went into this mix with the same ratios as the Mild and Hot BBQ rubs. So in went the Applewood Smoked Sea Salt in place of kosher salt. Smoked Spanish Paprika as the base as opposed to the Peruvian Paprika. Ancho Chili Powder instead of Dark Chili Powder. Finally, Guajillo Chili Powder and not cayenne (this put the heat level in between the Hot and the Mild).

What came from this was a BBQ rub that was smokey and complex, and could be used on a smoker, Weber or gas grill and still taste amazing.

Many thanks to Sacha Armstrong for giving us the great name – Smoke, Spice & Everything Nice.