“What’s the best way to store spices?”

This is a question I hear frequently. While many people have differing suggestions, here are my tips:

1. Keep your herbs and spices in a space away from frequent light and heat: Sometimes people store their spices in clear jars out on their counter or even on their stove. Light and fluctuating temperatures quickly kill the potency of your spices. To help maintain their flavor, store your herbs and spices in air-tight containers in a cool, dark space.

2. Herbs and spices have shelf life:  Spices and herbs have a long shelf life. A general rule of thumb is four years for whole spices, two-three years for ground spices and one-three years for dried herbs.

3. Test for freshness:  While you don’t typically have to worry about herbs and spices spoiling, you do need to check for freshness. You can test them by crushing them between your fingers, if they still have a strong aroma, they are likely still fresh. It’s a good rule of thumb  to give your spices an annual test for freshness.

If you’re looking for a storage/organization system for your spices, the ideas you can find online are endless! Check out some of these creative ideas.

Inside cabinet doors

Pull-out cupboards

Repurpose other storage containers

Spice drawer